MSR Responder Kar Küreği
MSR Responder Kar Küreği

MSR Responder Kar Küreği (040818060445)

Marka : Msr
Fiyat : ₺1.270,26(KDV Dahil)
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The Responder shovel's ultra-compact blade features a reduced scooping angle for ultimate packability in a small touring pack, and a flat back for shaving smooth snow pit walls during snow science. Its serrated leading edge and exceptional durability withstand cement-like avi debris. And its straighter geometry excels in paddling snow quickly during a burial rescue, making this shovel the choice for your rescue kit.

  • Compact: Our smaller blade, featuring a reduced scooping geometry and neckless design for stashing easily in a backcountry or sidecountry pack; neckless design adds durability.
  • Aggressive: 6061-T6 high-strength, hard-anodized aluminum blade, with traditional flat chopping face for stable strike and serrated edge to break up snow and ice.
  • Fast Deployment: Two-section, non-rotational telescoping shaft and fast lockpin provide rapid, hassle-free deployment.
  • Ergonomic T-handle: Meticulously designed to offer the same comfort and control as a D-handle, in a compact, low-profile form that works with all glove types.
  • Versatile: Shaft's upper section fits equally well into the blade, allowing you to choose the shovel length you need.
Ağırlık610 g
Uzunluk81 cm
Country of OriginTaiwan